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A worthy camera may capture a moment in its glory, but a MPC photographer will capture the story. Social gatherings, fun adventures - a plethora of activities, and studio workshops to bring to life your RAW fantasies. Drop by our workshops and expose yourself to something new - only then will you discover what is true. The camera is Leica channel to your heart, so master the basics, and develop some art. Always wanted to learn? Now is the time! Time to turn those memories into something divine. We’re not just about the photos – we’re for forming friendships, so let’s go snap some photos of turnips. Do not fear, my child. Beginner or professional, our club is so fitting, it’s incomprehensible! Be it digital, DSLR, or the camera on your phone, we’re here to get you into the zone! Why, come around! to our club of friends and fun. See that we may develop your skills a tonne!

  • Event Photography
  • Workshops
  • Studio sessions
  • Photowalks


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