Post-Processing Workshop

Hello MPCers!

The Clayton MPC Team would like to hand out a warm welcome back from the mid-year holidays with a Post-Processing Workshop! 😀

Have you ever wondered how the professional photographers always have that perfect image?
Well rest assured not everyone is able to capture the perfect photo every time.
This is where the modern age of editing comes in!

What is it?

Post-Processing is editing the image after the shot is taken with programs such as Photoshop and Lightroom.

In this workshop; a member of our Workshop’s Committee, Peter, will go through basic editing techniques using Photoshop.

If you see an image chosen by the person editing then you may think ‘Well… he probably took the image like that so he could easily edit it’ or ‘I can’t do that with my photos D:<’. THEREFORE we are giving you guys the chance to choose the images to be edited!

Just send the image that you want to be edited to by no later than Monday 23rd July 5:00pm. Peter will then choose a few to edit and explain the process in the workshop on Thursday. Don’t be shy now ;D

When and Where is it?

Thursday 26th July at 5:00pm – 8:00pm (May Finish Early)

Law Library, Room L1 (Building 12)

What to Bring?

–          Yourself

–          Pen & Paper to take notes if you wish (or a laptop)

Things to note:

–          Submissions no later than Monday 23rd July 5:00pm.

–          Put the subject in the email as ‘Editing Workshop Submission’.

–          Pizza and Drinks shall be provided~


MPC workshops are free for all MPC members (Clayton & Caulfield).
Become a member at our event! Membership is $5 with MSA/ $10 without.

The MPC Clayton team