Light Painting + Nightscape Workshop

Hello again!   The night was cold. The night was dark. What else could we do? But do light painting in a park! We need to find a “dark and funny spot” (quote Mr President)… …and indeed, we found one! From the city lights viewed from Hamer Hall, we hiked with our cameras and tripods[…]

MPC Portraiture Workshop

Salutations, MPC!   Just before we freeze our ears off, the autumn season brings a lovely warmth with golden red leaves. Determined to capture the full spectrum of colours that autumn had to offer, MPC staked out the treasury gardens in the early afternoon to wait for the ‘Golden Hour’. A favorite haunt for weddings[…]

MPC Day Trip

Howdy MPC!   The 2nd of April dawned warm and sunny, with patches of thin clouds perfectly diffusing the already mellow autumn sun. Actually it didn’t – it was cold and threatening to rain, but undeterred a group of 20 MPCers set off for our first major event of the semester, The Day Trip.  […]