MPC Portraiture Workshop

Salutations, MPC!


Just before we freeze our ears off, the autumn season brings a lovely warmth with golden red leaves. Determined to capture the full spectrum of colours that autumn had to offer, MPC staked out the treasury gardens in the early afternoon to wait for the ‘Golden Hour’. A favorite haunt for weddings because of its serene surroundings, it was the perfect place to practice portraiture photography!


Photographer: Ly Minh Quan


Armed with playful props of bubbles and windmills, MPC was lucky to have models Alexis Lui and Evon Moo patiently taking directions from the photographers. With their help and the talent of our members, the photos captured a childhood whimsy for autumn.


Photographer: Horace Josh


And turns out, modeling really isn’t just for girls. Our very own David Nowak gamely rose to the challenge and turned out to be the picture perfect gentlemen reading in a tree. We were also joined later in the afternoon by Andrew Nguyen literally kicking things up a notch with cartwheels. While our golden hour was tainted a little by clouds, it was a good experience working with models and enjoying the last of the sun before it all turned to drizzle.


Photographer: Egor Evdokimov


Until next time, happy snapping!