Studio Workshop 1

Good day to you!


The day started with a locked door. Luckily, the event was changed to a 10am start, and security was able to unlock it using their magic after a phone call. Setting up was also delayed, but the first few photos were taken not long after 10am.


Photographer: Chamila Wijethunga


Whether it was unfortunate or fortunate, I can’t say. but only about half of the photographers rocked up, which meant more time to experiment for those early birds.


Photographer: Maria Fan


And after the initial laughter and surprised-horrific-stunned moments, the morning ended in 5 “girls” having their beautiful curvatures taken. Meanwhile, Kelvin had his transmittent urges to photograph, and pushed everyone aside during those moments (no, I’m only joking).


Photographer: Beverly Goh


For many, it was their initial time modelling, or playing with studio equipments. Common errors resulted in questions fired at Kelvin, but were all resolved pretty neatly. All in all, the smiles from the photographers’ faces pretty much summarised it!


Photographer: Ruy de Morais


The smiles from models’ faces? That’s part of their job! Though, I do hope they enjoyed playing the ukulele or flute, and reading my little blue notebook…which had nothing on it…


Photographer: James Choy

Until next time, happy snapping!