Portraiture Workshop 2014

  If a photographer were to have a pet turtle what kind would it be? A snapper..   Now that everyone has attended the basic workshop, everyone should now have a newly developed bond with their cameras, and the best way to focus our newly acquired skills? Why, a Portraiture Workshop, of course!     Daphne and[…]

Basic Workshop 2014

Time to get that camera out   Aperture. ISO. F-Stops. Ugh!     If you’ve got a question mark hanging over your head when it comes to this stuff, you’re not the only one, for sure. Problem being, these terms, and a bunch of others, are key to developing skill as a photographer. As such,[…]

Welcome Party + Trivia Night 2014

Welcome pizza party?   It’s a new year, and so we’ve had a stunning influx of new and returning members joining to hit the curb with us for 2014! We have a habit of being a rather social pack, so a Welcome Party seems like a reasonable thing to do, aye?     It’s one of[…]

O-Week 2014

It’s that time of year again   Students have this way of going to university and we don’t want them to feel entirely lost about campus. That, and more members means we can run more events, so hopefully you noticed us roping students in to the Photography Club’s tent.     This year we’re promising[…]