Day Trip 2014 – Dandenongs

  “Landscape photography is the supreme test of the photographer – and often the supreme disappointment. ”  ? Ansel Adams   Early, early, oh so early. As always, mingling is the first thing on our agenda. Once everyone was adequately ready, we set off to Mt Dandenong. One group smuggled in some hot jam donuts, but[…]

Studio Session 2014

  How many photographers does it take to do studio photography? 50. One to take the shots and forty-nine to say, “I could have done that!” (?!)   An early, early start of 10am. I mean, who’s even awake at 10am on a Sunday?! We had many photographers, some experienced and some not, which was[…]

Event Photography Workshop 2014

  If you saw a man fall over and you could either save him or photograph the event…what aperture would you use?   Ah, the world of event photography. The glitz. The glamour. The lighting. The gear. The worries. THE PRESSURE. No fear, Monash University’s very own Winson Chan spoke and imparted his own wisdom[…]


  DID SOMEONE SAY GAMES NIGHT!?     Just kidding. We live in Victoria, not Victorian times. We started off with some good old fashioned mingling, which quickly descended into madness as we drew up the tournament of SUPER SMASH BROTHERS on the Nintendo 64.     Our very own Nico won (do I smell[…]

Day Trip 2014 – Arthur’s Seat

  She was a day tripper, a one way ticket yeah     The day started at 9:30 at everyone’s second home, Clayton. We mingled a bit, to warm our hands, and to warm our hearts for camaraderie. We headed off to Arthur’s Seat, found some kangaroos, and some members may or may not have[…]

One World Week 2014

Everyone’s favourite multicultural event, the One World Festival, has come back for its 2014 iteration! A joint event held by MSA (Monash Students Association) and MUISS (Monash University International Students Service), it aims to raise multicultural awareness with lots of food served on the lemon scented lawns, performances by MDS (Monash Dance Sports), and other[…]

Light Painting 2014

  Ooh, the pretty, pretty lights   Don’t you just love it when people come together? And thus, we had our first joint event with the MCJAF (Monash Club of Juggling and Firetwirling)! We started off with el Presidente Diana and el Vice Presidente Horace briefing us on the works, what long exposure is, how[…]

Landscape Workshop 2014

  Buy a professional camera and you’re a professional photographer, buy a flute and you own a flute.   Ever look at a National Geographic magazine and see amazing landscape photos? That could now be you, after the amazing Derrick Koo shed some light on how he takes his mesmerising landscape shots.     He[…]

Studio Workshop 2014

  How do you make a small fortune in photography? Start with a large one.   STUDIO WORKSHOP! And who better than Will Chao, a highly esteemed wedding photographer, to lead us on a full house, studiorific journey.     He showed us the wonders of how to light things properly, showed us what not to[…]