Event Photography Workshop 2014


If you saw a man fall over and you could either save him or photograph the event…what aperture would you use?


Ah, the world of event photography. The glitz. The glamour. The lighting. The gear. The worries. THE PRESSURE. No fear, Monash University’s very own Winson Chan spoke and imparted his own wisdom onto us, for he is an accomplished event photographer with a portfolio big enough to match his skills.


He told us of what equipment he used (types of flashes, what to use, what to get), a little on his specs, how to direct your flash in different circumstances, how to pose subjects on how to get them to look natural, the importance of interaction, and how he edits his photos.


We don’t have any photos to show you all because his work is of the most utmost quality that can only be witnessed in person, so hunt him down at Monash and make him show you his myriad skills.

Until next time, happy snapping