Committee 2014

Our 2014 MPC committee members are here to help. From signing you up for membership, to casual chats, sharing ideas and a love for photography. We’re here for you through thick and thin! Presenting the 2014 team:



President: Diana Felipe
Vice President: Horace Josh
Secretary: Sophie Huynh
Treasurer: Winnie Cheung
Events Head: Natsumi Hayashi
Activities Head: Sijie Shen
Sponsorship Head: Michelle Mui
Workshops Head: Beverly Goh
IT Officer: Daniel Jong
Graphic Designer: Karlein Kwong
General Committee: Kaushika Jayalath, Bianca Lu, Nico MacWilliams, Kelvin Xian, David Nowak, Cindy Giang


President: Diana Felipe

I am short, loud and odd. Currently doing engineering in between MPC.

I’m into conceptual, event, and street photography.



Secretary: Sophie Huynh

Sophie’s responsibilities at MPC include; being a Microsoft paint officer, part of the Pun team, and the Newsletter team.

She likes lomography and film photography, shooting mostly street photography aka stalker shots.

Her dreams consist of getting more into the Open Creative side of photography, travelling and finding out what she is.
She also actually believes in the motto Ancora Imparo.
 Vice President: Horace Josh

“Hi my name is Horace. I’m doing a PhD in engineering and my research is part of the Monash Bionic Eye project. I like all types of photography, but prefer long exposure and lightpainting.

My other hobbies include guitar and keyboard, playing squash and inline hockey, and a bit of hobby electronics. I look forward to meeting a lot of the new members of MPC this year and taking lots of photos!”

Treasurer: Winnie Cheung

Three words: Lazy. Loyal. Lame. If there is a fourth word, it would probably be loser.
No particular favourite photographer since I am a noob in photography.
Doing Commerce and Law degree, fifth year.
I like landscape photography, gives me a sense of serenity.
I don’t have a favourite photographer. It’s not a crime.
deal with it (jokes)



Activities Coordinator: SJ Shen

Friendly, helpful, fun
Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Honours)
I was born in China, but am practically an ABC now. Talk to me in Mandarin or English, and enjoy all the fun MPC will bring you! Shoot away!
Nature (mainly flowers and bird), macro, food, happy snaps
Everyone has their pros and cons. No favourite, only admiration.

Sponsorship Coordinator: Michelle Mui

Studying Commerce and Arts

Likes cooking, dogs, guitars, desserts, and of course photography!



Graphic Designer: Karlein Kwong

Mysterious, one-of-a-kind, daydreamer. I am a photographer, fantasy writer, a lover of nature, and all that is beautiful. I am in 4th year studying Psychology and marketing, with a goal of becoming a neuropsychologist. I like graphic design and pretty colours. I have been into photography for 6 years now and use a canon 60D , 100mm, 50mm and 18-55 mm lens. I hope you have fun with MPC 2014! I like Macro , still life, food, nature. I like various photographers on deviant-art.

Workshop Coordinator: Beverley

I can’t stop. Amoeba. Comm/Law. Of Asian Descent. I like Yograndmasclothes, irony, and evil.

I don’t like mayonnaise, wet socks, you (probably).

I dig Portraiture, Street, and people making weird faces.

Everyone on Flickr is my fav photographer because they are already better than I am.

Event Coordinator: Natty Hayashi

Silly, Creative, Determined. I am Japanese, but I was born and raised in Hong Kong. I am a second year Interior Architecture student, studying in Caulfield but I have been in Australia for about 4 years now. I am a huge dog lover but I behave more like a cat.

I’m into macro photography. I love getting up close and personal. My favourite photographer is Tokihiro Sato. He sets his camera exposure for 30 minutes to 1 hour and uses his a torch or LED light to create a light pathway. He takes light painting to a whole new level and his work makes you feel heavenly 🙂

IT Officer: Daniel Jong






General Committee:

Bianca Lu

Hi guys, I’m Bianca and I’m currently in my third year of Biomed/Commerce.

My interest in photography began when my uncle, a wedding photographer, took me along with him on his jobs.

I still am quite new to photography so I still haven’t quite settled into any specific sort of photography.

Looking forward to seeing you guys at MPC events 🙂

Cindy Giang





David Nowak

Photography isn’t just about the snap you take. If you look through the viewfinder and click, you’re simply taking a photo. If you plan a moment, or search for composition, and practice your skills in post-processing – then you’re making a piece of art.

I’m not pretending to be an expert, but I do care about photography. I’ve been traveling different countries to capture cultures and places. I also help out as the Publications Officer and generally make a ruckus around the club. Noise is fun. ^^

Kaushika Jayalath


Hello, the name’s Kaushika (But if you lost the name halfway, just Kay is fine!) Joined MPC last year and I’ve been having the best time so far! Just look out for the one brown guy in the committee and THAT’S ME!




Kelvin Xian





Nico MacWilliams

I like Tea <3

4th’ish year of Engineering and Science. Halfy

I like macro and people photography. GO PENTAX!!


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