Day Trip 2014 – Dandenongs

  “Landscape photography is the supreme test of the photographer – and often the supreme disappointment. ”  ? Ansel Adams   Early, early, oh so early. As always, mingling is the first thing on our agenda. Once everyone was adequately ready, we set off to Mt Dandenong. One group smuggled in some hot jam donuts, but[…]

Day Trip 2014 – Arthur’s Seat

  She was a day tripper, a one way ticket yeah     The day started at 9:30 at everyone’s second home, Clayton. We mingled a bit, to warm our hands, and to warm our hearts for camaraderie. We headed off to Arthur’s Seat, found some kangaroos, and some members may or may not have[…]

Hanging Rock 2013

Hello happy snappers!   9.15am We set off for the first destination: Organ Pipes national park. Let’s not worry about how one car skipped this and went straight to the second stop, and how the committee car (with President Kelvin) took a “detour” and ended up arriving 20 minutes later than others…Let’s focus on the[…]

MPC Day Trip

Howdy MPC!   The 2nd of April dawned warm and sunny, with patches of thin clouds perfectly diffusing the already mellow autumn sun. Actually it didn’t – it was cold and threatening to rain, but undeterred a group of 20 MPCers set off for our first major event of the semester, The Day Trip.  […]

Grampians Overnight Trip!

Hello MPCers! You haven’t heard from us for a long time but now we bring you exciting news! 😀 We have planned for you one awesome trip for this mid year break. Presenting our biggest trip of the year; the 2012 Grampians overnight trip! If there’s one event you don’t want to be missing this[…]