Light Painting + Nightscape Workshop

Hello again!   The night was cold. The night was dark. What else could we do? But do light painting in a park! We need to find a “dark and funny spot” (quote Mr President)… …and indeed, we found one! From the city lights viewed from Hamer Hall, we hiked with our cameras and tripods[…]

MPC Portraiture Workshop

Salutations, MPC!   Just before we freeze our ears off, the autumn season brings a lovely warmth with golden red leaves. Determined to capture the full spectrum of colours that autumn had to offer, MPC staked out the treasury gardens in the early afternoon to wait for the ‘Golden Hour’. A favorite haunt for weddings[…]

MPC Mobile Photography Workshop!!

Helloooo MPCers! Can’t afford that DSLR? Or you just love your phone camera just that bit more? Well for our  next workshop, we’re dropping the gear and going mobile for a very special workshop with guest speaker Misho Baranovic. Misho is one of the world’s leading mobile photographers, having had his work exhibited both locally[…]

MPC Studio Workshop

Hi MPC!   Did you miss out on Caulfield’s studio workshop? 🙁 Do you want to take pictures in a  professional studio? :O Well then, we hope you’re looking forward to our next event.. THE VERY SPECIAL STUDIO WORKSHOP!   What is it? This year, MPC has organised a WHOLE DAY’S worth of studio shooting[…]

Marketing Workshop

Hi MPC! Do you find it hard to sell yourself? Need a confidence boost? Or do you just want to see how the professionals do it? Well just wait til you see what the MPC Team has organised for you! For the first time ever, MPC has organised a marketing workshop hosted by one of[…]

Post-Processing Workshop

Hello MPCers! The Clayton MPC Team would like to hand out a warm welcome back from the mid-year holidays with a Post-Processing Workshop! 😀 Have you ever wondered how the professional photographers always have that perfect image? Well rest assured not everyone is able to capture the perfect photo every time. This is where the[…]

Automotive Workshop

FEATURING AUTOMOTIVE WORKSHOP Interested in cars? Want to get the perfect picture with your ride? Just want to stand next to a car?  Well come on down to this weeks workshop to learn how to take awesome pictures of them. What is it: A basic workshop on Automotive photography covering all of the following: Automotive[…]

Outdoor Portraiture Workshop !!

PRESENTING OUTDOOR PORTRAITURE WORKSHOP! Do you love taking photos in a scenic environment? Want to learn more about using your camera to take well-composed, well-lit photos of people? Did you miss out on Caulfield’s fashion editorial workshop?  If you answered yes to any of these, then read on! 😀 What is it: A chance to meet[…]


  PRESENTING.. MPC 2012’S FIRST WORKSHOP DIY BOKEH! Ever wanted to learn how to create those warm fuzzy round (or hexagonal) background light effects, but NOT round OR hexagonal, but HEART, STAR, SMILEY FACE OR SEXY LADY SHAPED? Well, you better read on! MPC is running a DIY bokeh workshop where you will learn exactly[…]